Putting America First is Still Anti-American

Stephanie Huston
3 min readJan 11, 2021

I have been cringing for over four years since first hearing Trump spew about his hateful “America First” policy mindset.

My minds wander to the people around the world that grow up dreaming about America ― the land of the free, a place where anyone can be anything if they work hard enough ― and wonder what they think when they hear the leader of the free world using that phrase about America’s foreign policies.

Yes, we absolutely need to take care of our own; there is so much progress to be made within our country… but we are all human beings here on this planet together, and we all need each other to exist and thrive.

A majority of Americans would greatly benefit to experience both America’s inner cities and third world countries.

Dismissing another human’s value based on where they are born in the world is not what America is made of.

The underlying American spirit has always been progressive ― gunning for the underdog, speaking up when no one else will, fighting for others’ rights, and taking a personal hit in order to make public progress.

America has had her fair share of setbacks and history of holding those who are different back ― even with the Irish and Germans immigrants in the 1800s ― and we still have a long way to go, but we never give up, no matter how many stumbling blocks.

Putting “America First” should be an inclusive foreign policy, as our country has benefited greatly from immigrants since our inception.

There are millions, if not billions, of humans around the world who would do anything for a chance to work hard enough to make it in America. Where, even though other humans may judge them or discriminate against them, there are more humans here that are willing fight for them and…

Stephanie Huston

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