How You Can Rely on the Presence of Nazis as a Guiding Light in the USA

Stephanie Huston
2 min readJan 12, 2021

Huge numbers of our population believe in a complete alternate reality. Alternate facts as it were.

But just as intensely as I believe they are deluded, they think I am the one who is deluded. Maybe I am.

So how can I be confident in my perception? It can be quite difficult.

But I have found that in times of confusion, particularly when emotions are running high and creating tunnel vision, the presence of Nazis can be an extremely helpful indicator.

If I am attending a local demonstration or event and I see Nazis…neo-Nazis, miscellaneous-Nazis or the latest-whatever-uber-mythology-Nazis, I figure out which side they are on.

And if they are on my side of the demonstration?

I am on the wrong side.

It is tough to argue moral equivalence when I am standing next to a Nazi.

Look to my right. Is there a guy wearing a 6MWE (6 million wasn’t enough) t-shirt? I am on the wrong side.

Look to my left. If that guy is wearing a Camp Auschwitz t-shirt? Wrong side.

Speakers referring to things Hitler got right? Wrong side.

Team-spirit face paint and hat with horns? This is an unclear indicator that could mean anything but safest to keep my distance from that guy even at a football game.

But I can always, always, always, rely on the presence of Nazis as a guiding light through a fog of disinformation.

Some things are relative, but evil and good are absolute.

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