How to Help Your Team Love What They Do

Book #13: Alive At Work by Daniel M. Cable

❤ Book #13 review from my 50 Books 2018 Challenge!

Alive At Work

The Neuroscience of Helping Your People Love What They Do, by Daniel M. Cable

“according to both US and global Gallup polls, about 80% of workers don’t feel that they can be their best at work, and 70% are not engaged at work.”

8 out of 10 people feel they can’t be their best at work!?

“Being humble and trying to learn from employees is more effective than emphasizing hierarchy.”

Daniel makes the solid point that most of us leaders today don’t even personally believe that people work best under these conditions, but our organizations are still deeply entrenched in these assumptions and policies about control through standardized performance metrics.

“Humble leadership: it is based on serving employees. Because management is an overhead cost, managers do not create value unless they are serving the employees who create the value.”

I agree that humble leadership is key to creating value through serving employees. In my interview with Daniel, I asked him what he would say to someone who still doubts that sharing their imperfections with their team is a productive way to drive happiness at work:

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