How To Go To the Royal Wedding in Windsor

If your invite to the Royal Wedding got lost in the mail, like mine did…

But you’re still hell bent on going, like I am…

This is my tourist’s guide on how to stalk the Royal Wedding.


If I were home in the States, I’d be up fanatically watching the live coverage from the Today Show squad starting at 4:30AM EST.

But since I just relocated to London (from NYC), and I’m so close to all the action, I’m just gonna go for it and head to Windsor to experience the Royal Wedding madness in person!

I debated going, knowing that Windsor will be ridiculously crowded and it’s a huge effort just to see a glimpse of Meghan’s wedding dress in person (#priorities). So I put the decision to my Instagram followers via poll on my Insta Story and they voted for me to go — so YOLO, let’s do this.

First things first, I purchased my train tickets to Windsor from London. Parking will be limited, and thousands of folks are going to be taking the train, so I wanted to secure my spot to get there. You know from my previous York and Windsor weekends that Rail Europe is my go to for planning out my train trips.

Then, I did a ton of research on the Royal Wedding schedule for the day — what time things were getting started, when they recommended tourists show up, WHERE MEGHAN WOULD BE SHOWING OFF HER DRESS, best places to stand, where they would be live broadcasting the ceremony, and WHERE CAN I SEE THE TODAY SHOW CREW.

Obviously my main priorities are (1) Seeing Meghan’s wedding dress and (2) Seeing the Today Show.

For me, The Today Show squad is my version of the Royal Family in the States. Since moving to London, my mornings have not been complete without watching them. I would honestly be equally excited seeing Meghan and Harry as I would Savannah, Hoda Kotb, Sheinelle, Al Roker, Kathie Lee, or Megyn. #AmericanThings :)

If you’re going to be in Windsor to experience the Royal Wedding, here are the top tips that I’ve curated from my research:

  • Get your train ticket ASAP and plan to get there EARLY! 60,000 well-wishers are expected to travel to Windsor by train.
  • I read that if the number of visitors proves to be a safety issue, the Thames Valley Police may order trains not to stop in Windsor and close off the wedding’s processional route to latecomers — so arrive early! I’m going to be taking the 5AM train out of London to arrive to Windsor by 6AM and find where the Today Show is at.
  • My Mom has been helping me plan this day trip (Royal Wedding excitement runs in the family!), and sent me the timeline of the big day in Windsor — wedding guests starting arriving around 9:30AM (4:30AM EST) and the ceremony begins at 12PM (7AM EST).
  • It’s all about the procession. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will undertake a carriage ride through Windsor straight after the St George’s Chapel ceremony. The journey is designed to allow members of the public to see the newlyweds in person while they are still dressed in their finery.
  • Figure out where the best spot is to park yourself and stalk the procession from. The best places to stand are The Long Walk, Snow Hill, and the town centre. TBH, I’m still undecided about where to head to, because I’m so preoccupied by my mission to also stalk the Today Show crew when I’m there.
  • Prepare yourself for a successful day trip — you know there will be crowds, and lots of standing and waiting, so pack a proper day pack with all that you’ll need to stay sane and happy.
  • Don’t leave Windsor right after the Royal Wedding — there is so much to see and experience in this charming town!

Are you going to be watching the Royal Wedding on TV? Are you headed to Windsor with me tomorrow? Would you want go be in Windsor for the Royal Wedding? LMK in the comments below or over on Instagram!

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I am not associated with the Today Show (but I wish I was). Rail Europe has sponsored my UK train travel to Windsor and York in the past, they did not for this trip. The opinions I have expressed are unfiltered and completely my own.



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🌍 Entrepreneur | PR Maven | Disruptive | Thought Leader | Coach | INFJ | Explorer 🌏 7Continents+46Countries+46States 🌎 👯‍♀️🧿