How Empowering Oneself at Work Can Lead to Career Happiness

Stephanie Huston
4 min readDec 3, 2021

Workplace happiness is critical to your career success.

But what if you have a micromanaging boss, you loathe your day-to-day tasks, feel like you’re on the wrong career path, don’t have co-worker friends, are not fond of your office or WFH office environment… amongst the many work complaints out there?!

So how can you find happiness in your unhappy workplace, regardless of current conditions?

Believe that you can still find ways to empower yourself to be happy at work (where you likely spend the majority of your waking hours) so you can succeed happily on your own terms.

Being happy at work doesn’t mean you have to adore every task you work on throughout the day — it means you allow yourself to be healthy and take breaks throughout the day so you can be an energetic, alert, and focused employee.

I acknowledge that there is a lot of pressure to carry a heavy workload, but there is also a direct correlation between happy employees who can produce brilliant work and unhappy employees that eventually end up slowing everyone else down because they are burnt out.

Powering through your workload without any breaks or focusing on your health and well-being will only hurt yourself and your company in the long run.

When was the last time you took the recommended hourly computer breaks to save your back and your eyes?

Skipping the gym, not stretching during the day, skimping on sleep, missing doctor appointments — not practicing self-care in general — will only hurt you and your career in the long run.

Keep your life balance in check — if you must work overtime and answer client emails at midnight, why shouldn’t you get that same flexibility back and be able to go to a doctor's appointment or run an errand during lunch?

Stephanie Huston

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