Make Sure to Buy Female-Owned Small Biz Gifts for Your Witchy, Bossy BFF

Support bosses while supporting bosses 😉💝

Stephanie Huston
3 min readNov 24, 2021



I was lucky enough to visit this shop in person when I was exploring Las Vegas this summer and literally spent an hour perusing their store, asking questions, soaking in the knowledge and kind, caring vibes.

  • Send your friend good vibes on the reg with this Monthly Soul Care Box subscription to keep the love flowing through the Winter 🕯❄️
  • CRYSTALS ARE ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA. Specific recos below, but I suggest perusing this page first and following your intuition on what may vibe with them first and see what comes up 🪄💜
  • Queendom has intuitively designed Crystal Sets for a wide variety of intentions 🙏
  • Selenite Round Bowl for the proud crystal hoarder 🪨🌙
  • Worry Stones are always a good idea for WFH life 💻
  • Treat your Queen or King or Witch to a Crystal Facial Roller 👑
  • This Crystal Bowl would be an energetic delight for relieving anxiety 🔥
  • I discovered what a Gua Sha while visiting their shop in Las Vegas and it’s a favorite part of my self-love skincare routine now 🧖‍♀️


I serendipitously connected with artist, poet, activist and entrepreneur Felicia Webster in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and immediately fell for…



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