Donald Trump: America’s First Dictator

Stephanie Huston
3 min readOct 9, 2020

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Now that America is leaning towards a fascist dictatorship, we can see clearly now that Donald Trump is the right dictator for the job!

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Trump is truly the perfect authoritarian dictator that we never wished for.

He is so great at not caring about anyone except for himself.

He’s also a great leader to the white supremacists and an even greater friend to Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin.

Dictators have to stick together right?

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We should be proud of the way that he has divided our nation.

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All it took was calling everything fake news!

And what’s even better is that he doesn’t believe in science.

Who needs science right!? Science is for chumps.

And Trump is definitely not a chump.

He is so great! He even wants to control women’s bodies.

What a brave thing to do.

As a woman, I have NO understanding of how my body works.


I want someone else to tell me what to do with my body.

It’s too much responsibility to keep track of what goes on inside me.

Plus, I’m a woman, so I’m definitely not qualified to make any decisions about that.

The only thing I’m good for is child-bearing.

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Thank goodness we have someone so strong and brave in the White House to make those decisions for us.

Speaking of making decisions for the American people, I am so delighted that he won’t grant us any money for COVID-19…



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