4 Witchy Ways to Intentionally Unravel Your Spellbinding Sage Bundle

Stephanie Huston
4 min readJan 5, 2022

I serendipitously connected with artist, poet, activist, and entrepreneur Felicia Webster while living in Philadelphia, and immediately fell for her otherworldly, reiki-infused, hand-crafted sage bundles — complete with a crystal, feather, handwritten info card, along with a few other enchanting items.

Trust that I have purchased ~a lot~ of sage bundles in my day and these are hands down the most captivating, spellbinding, and remarkably lovely bundles that I’ve come across in my travels.

Felicia has already shipped out dozens across the USA for me and this magical snail mail has never failed to energize and delight.

This is has been my version of sending a big, loving, magical, safely virtual hug — so I wanted to share some info links with different ways that my family, friends, and community can use their new crystals and reiki charged sage, cinnamon, selenite, etc bundle :)

To burn or not to burn? …that is the question

  • It is totally up to you to display it or burn it :)
  • If you find it too beautiful to take apart but are curious to see — I created a TikTok timelapse of it unraveling for you!
  • I personally purchased a few bundles for myself — one to display and a couple to burn during rituals. A worthy witch investment in a local Black female-founded business :)

Ideal timing if you’re going to unbundle and burn?

  • You could try this as part of your personal and/or professional 2022 goal setting ritual— reflect, cleanse, and protect yourself however it works best for you (it will and should be unique for everyone!)
  • Here are some additional insights on how to set intentions
  • If you’re looking for guidance on how to use this bundle to set and manifest your visions…
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